HMA – PATEC invests in people, either clients or members of Our team. This helps us offer the best services and products.

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HMA – PATEC benefits from the contribution of every member of the team, who apply their solid academic credentials and the highest standards of skills, talent and experience to the most challenging projects. Proving outstanding leadership and coordination skills the team and individuals are encouraged to use their initiative and add a strong personal touch to each project. Experience allows us to affirm that among our team members there are some of the most reputed professionals in several key areas of activity, a fact that has been recognized in the profession, as well as by local and international clients.

Our engineers use the best products, create workable solutions and draw up feasible plans to complex challenges, providing for all that our clients require: understanding of the marketplace, expertise across the full range of industries, ethics and integrity, trust and loyalty, responsiveness and discipline, initiative, creativity and flexibility, pragmatism and efficiency.

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Facing the challenges of an accelerating world requires strong skills in maritime field. It is our goal here as PATEC to be always one move ahead. Foresight, spotting best solutions and equipments and daring ideas move us forward in the rigorous maritime world.

As an engineering firm, we want to meet and exceed client expectation in every way possible. As a team, we share, believe in and practice the same values which guide us in the way we work, in the decisions we make and in the way we interact with our partners.

HMA - PATEC Integrated Control & Management System

HMA – PATEC Integrated Control and Management System (ICMS) is a highly versatile and dependable ship automation solution providing a coherent, user-friendly interface to virtually all the subsystems of modern vessels. Designed to meet the demands of contemporary navigation, the PATEC Integrated Control and Management System is an ideal solution both for newly-built ships, and for in-operation ships needing an upgrade.


The key features that define the HMA - PATEC Integrated Control and Management System (ICMS) and distinguish it from other ship automation solutions are:

FLEXIBILITY – The HMA – PATEC ICMS encompasses several subsystems which can be integrated in a variety of configurations and can even work as stand-alone systems.

RELIABILITY – The components of the HMA – PATEC ICMS were designed to operate as distributed software systems communicating on redundant networks and supervised by redundant process controllers.

CONSISTENCY – All HMA – PATEC ICMS systems share a standard set of hardware components, a common software development framework, and characteristic Graphical User Interface elements.

HMA - PATEC Projects Highlights

  • Coral Methane → 7,500 m3 → LNG Carrier

  • Ocean Garnet → 92,500 DWT → Bulk Carrier

  • James Cook → 11,750 m3 → Suction Dredge

  • James Cook → 11,750 m3 → Suction Dredge

  • James Cook → 11,750 m3 → Suction Dredge