Main Switchboards

Marine Electrical Engineering

HMA – PATEC is an experienced supplier of electrical generation and distribution systems comprising generators, switchboards, transformers and frequency controlled propulsion systems, all managed by an advanced power management system which can work either intependently, or integrated with other vessel automation systems (alarm handling, cargo control, etc). HMA – PATEC area of expertise includes:

  • Main Switchboards (LV & MV);
  • Distribution Boards;
  • Motor Control Centres;
  • Battery Chargers;
  • Power Management Systems.

Enjoying an outstanding experience in the field, HMA – PATEC Ltd. caters to a full range of project needs, including:


  • Systems design;
  • Load calculations for wiring;
  • Layout of equipment;
  • Class conformity.


  • Model creation and validation;
  • Conceptual and analytical design;
  • Power system control;
  • Busbar systems (insulated or non-insulated);
  • Reliability evaluation and failure analysis;
  • Short-circuit, load-flow, and motor-acceleration studies;
  • Coordination and arc-flash studies;
  • Transient stability and load-shedding studies;
  • Harmonics analysis and power-quality assessment;
  • Protective system adequacy and equipment evaluation;
  • System optimization and improved operation recommendations;
  • System grounding.


  • On-site installation & set-up;
  • Mooring and sea trials;
  • Operator training.